We are honoured to have Indigenous community leaders give important and insightful workshops related to Indigenous ways of understanding and being. This page outlines some of the events and workshops that we have facilitated.

Traditional Drum Making Session: Elder Arthur Leon

We were honoured to have Elder Arthur Lyle Leon share his understanding of drum making with our trainees, staff, and faculty. Elder Leon is from Sts’ailes unceded Coast Salish territories. He has worked extensively to develop and deliver wholistic programming that combines Indigenous Traditional Knowledges with​ Indigenous ​land-based ​pedagogies​.

Cultural Safety and Awareness Seminars

We were honoured to have Amber Shilling and Dr. Heidi Hansen provide cultural safety and respect training seminars for trainees, faculty, and staff at the University of British Columbia in the spring of 2019. The lessons learned from these insightful presentations have been incorporated throughout our Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology curriculum.

Amber Shilling February 28th, 2019: “Wellness in Indigenous Communities.”

Dr. Heidi Hansen March 5th, 2019: “Working in a good way with Canadas Indigenous People.”

Read More About Our Leaders

Dr. Amber Shilling (Out of the Clouds) is Anishinaabe from Mnjikaning First Nation and is a member of the Crane Clan. Dr. Shilling completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Education Studies at UBC. Her research explored how urban Indigenous youth utilize technology as a means to connect to identity, culture, and language. To hear more about Amber’s story please visit: Meet Dr. Amber Shilling

Dr. Heidi Hansen is Cree from her late mother’s side (Whitefish Lake, Alberta) and German from her father’s side. She completed her doctorate in Education Leadership from Simon Fraser University in 2012. She currently provides counselling and workshop/training services to individuals, couples, families, and communities through her company, HLHansen Counselling Inc. Heidi is proud of her heritage and respects and honours both cultures and ways of knowing. To hear more about Dr. Hansen’s story please visit: Meet Dr. Heidi Hansen