As part of our knowledge mobilization team, we have established expertise in the creation of Infographics that assist in the visual representation of information, data, and knowledge from our research and education work within the Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology program. These Infographics are designed to enhance the presentation and understanding of diverse topics related to Indigenous health, wellness, education, cultures, traditions, and practices.

This page includes Infographics related to the Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology program at the University of British Columbia. Upcoming Infographics will highlight the teachings emanating from Indigenous peoples and our work with Indigenous leaders and communities.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

The following Infographic outlines the career opportunities for graduates of the Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology program. Please note that there are dedicated opportunities for Indigenous youth and university students and non-Indigenous trainees to work and/or volunteer in our programming. Please contact our team at 604-822-1337 or indigenousstudiesubc AT for further information. 

Wholistic Wellness during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Please check out our new Infographic “Wholistic Wellness during the COVID-19 Outbreak”